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Testing & Evaluations
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Provider Contact Information Notes
Dittner, Carrie
201 South Salem Street
Apex   NC   27502
Pediatric, Developmental & Clinical

Alexander, Susan, PhD 919-460-1414
1145 Executive Cir #C
Cary   NC   27511
Therapy for all ages, couples, groups. ADHD/LD support, Cogmed Working Memory Training, Psychological evaluations

3-C Family Services, PA
1901 North Harrison Avenue, Suite 100
Cary   NC   27513
Children to adults- Therapy, behavior management, medication management & group therapy. Dr. Leuenberger offers testing/evaluations, parent training, school consultations, group therapy.

Brain Balance
Franke, Sherry
8204 Tryon Woods Dr
Cary   NC   27518

Family Psychiatry & Psychology
Tabb, Seth E
104-A Fountainbrook Circle
Cary   NC   27511
Youth & Adults

Orenstein Solutions, PA
Orenstein, Susan
1100 NW Maynard Road, Suite 140
Cary   NC   27513
Services for children, teens & adults: Evaluations for ADHD, learning disabilities, giftedness, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and more (e.g., anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse). Evaluations include written and personal feedback.

Share, Tamara PhD 919-493-2674
1829 E Franklin St, Suite 1200A
Chapel Hill   NC   27514
Assessment/Evaluations; Coaching for Adults; Focus Skills Groups - phone extension = x114 - alternate website =

Center for the Development and Learning
Chapel Hill   NC
See website for directions.

Share, Tamara PhD 919-493-2674
18 W Colony Place, Suite 280
Durham   NC   27705
Assessment/Evaluations; Coaching for Adults; Focus Skills Groups - phone extension = x114 - alternate website =

Counseling Services, Inc
Byassee, James E
18 W Colony Place, Suite 280
Durham   NC   27705
Services for Individuals, couples & families. Social skills groups, groups for parents & more.

Duke Child & Family Studies Center - Pavilion East at Lakeview
2608 Erwin Road, Suite 300
Durham   NC   27705
Youth & Adult AD/HD Programs - Workshops, presentations, evaluations, behavioral therapy, adult coping skills, school consultations, academic support skills, clinical trials

LePage Associates
5842 Fayetteville Rd, #106
Durham   NC   27713
Psychological & Psychiatric Services - Youth & Adult

Pearson Psychological Services
Pearson, Shari
6208 Fayetteville Rd, Suite 106
Durham   NC   27713
Individual & group therapy, social skills groups, psychological evaluations including testing for learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted & neuropsychological evaluations.

King, Emily 919-521-4535
3722 Benson Drive, Suite 101
Raleigh   NC   27609
Licensed Psychologist

Hamilton MS, Rae Ann 919-270-4350
280 West Millbrook Rd
Raleigh   NC   27609
Serves patients of all ages for ADHD and co-morbid conditions. Individual, marital and family therapy are also provided. Evaluation services also include those for learning disabilities, emotional issues and giftedness.

Crabtree Creek Clinic
4000 Blue Ridge Rd
Raleigh   NC   27612

Diagnostic Teaching Clinic - NCSU
522 Poe Hall
Raleigh   NC

Neel MD, Elizabeth
4822 Six Forks Road, Suite 102
Raleigh   NC   27609
ADHD assessment/evaluation for all ages. Testing uses only evidence-based, FDA-cleared and guideline-driven methods. Comprehensive behavioral and medical treatments available.

Grew, Morter & Hartye
3141 John Humphries Wynd, Suite 275
Raleigh   NC   27612

Huntington, Jennifer
8305 Six Forks Rd, Suite 207
Raleigh   NC   27615
Youth & Adults - Cognitive skills training center for students of all ages.

Mendel Psychological Associates
Mendel, Matthew
3727 Benson Drive
Raleigh   NC   27609
Youth & Adults - Social Skills

NCSU Psychoeducational Clinic
640 Poe Hall
Raleigh   NC   27695

North Raleigh Mental Health
Cloyd, Lisa PhD
920 D Paverstone Dr.
Raleigh   NC   27615
Adult ADHD psychological evaluations, individual therapy for a variety of issues including ADHD and the typical comorbid issues, group therapy, couples therapy. Dr. Cloyd uses evidence-based practices to help her clients live the best lives they can.

Silber Psychological Services
1004 Dresser Court, Suite 103
Raleigh   NC   27609
Social Skills

Triangle PsychoEducational Consultants
Wyatt, Laura
3820 Merton Dr.
Raleigh   NC   27609
Counselling, Coaching, Social Skills, Testing for Youth

Perkins Counseling & Psychological Services
Perkins PsyD, Pamela
10580 Ligon Mill Road, Suite 210
Wake Forest   NC   27587
Testing for children/adults for memory, attention and focus. Various psychological support services.

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