Triangle Area CHADD

Volunteers are our backbone, our inspiration and essential  to our success.
Without them, there is no chapter. 

Like all of us, they have too much to do in too little time, but they offer us the gift of their time and efforts anyway.

Thank You to Our Volunteers!


Are You Willing to Volunteer?
  • You can volunteer in a variety of capacities.
  • The commitment can be as small or as large as your interests & motivation.
  • Desire and commitment are the only tools/skills you need
  • Host an informal group or event
  • Join the Board and help direct the chapter
  • Manage some of our networking services
  • Help promote our community outreach programs
  • Develop Your Ideas & Interests
  • Contact Us to Learn More


Hosting a Support Group
It is easy to start a support group in your area. We'll help you get started, and give you information and support. 
One of the greatest needs and services is just being with others who listen and understand.
Meeting Coordinator The meeting coordinator commits to finding the meeting space and hosting the event. Multiple people can share the duties of meeting coordinator.
Type of Meeting The type of group is up to you and your interests: mixed adults, men's group, teen networking, for parents about teens, for parents about children, for children, women's support, etc.
Location A church, clubhouse, school, restaurant,  community center or other public location.  The chapter does not have funds to pay for space.  Many places offer free space to non-profit groups.  Location can rotate among several public places, such as to different community rec centers.
Schedule The schedule is up to you.  It can be a one-time event, repeat monthly or be scheduled as-needed.
Publicity We'll help publicize your event electronically.
Requirements Requirements are few, but important.  You must display a disclaimer from CHADD (we'll supply it).  You must learn CHADD's basic philosophy about AD/HD and about hosting meetings (see below).
Speakers/Guests Speakers are welcomed, but to inform and educate only.  Speakers may discuss their areas of expertise, trends, and general aspects of their fields, but should not promote their individual commercial interests and businesses in their presentation. They can display handouts and cards.
Your Opinions As a meeting host, you do not represent or speak for CHADD.  You can express any opinion or statement as an individual, but you must be clear that it is a personal statement and not a position of CHADD. 
Promotions Meetings may not be used to promote the commercial interests of you or anyone else.  While speakers cannot promote their services in their presentations, they can display business cards and materials (eg, on a table) that attendees can pick up if they choose.
Medicine Rx CHADD does not advocate for or against the use of medication in the treatment of AD/HD.  CHADD supports a multi-modal approach which means using a variety of treatment methods based on the needs of the person, the advice of health professionals and fact-based research & procedures.  A multi-modal approach may or may not include medication, behavioral modification, counselling & other strategies.
Materials If possible, we will share handouts, magazines & other materials with you.
Refreshments Not required or necessary.  Suggestions if you would like to include refreshments: Others can bring a drink/snack for themselves.  If you provide ice/cups, suggest others bring drinks to share (soda, juice, tea, etc). You can provide coffee, water, tea, etc, and ask that others bring a snack to share.  Whatever you do, have the group participate in and share the burden.